July 17, 2010


Last summer I was involved in pre-production of a movie "Montevideo", dealing with participation of the national football team of Serbia in the first World Cup. As a major part of the movie was to be set in Belgrade in 1930., I was asked to make sketches based on old photos, that would suggest the atmosphere and the looks of the scenes yet to be shot. There were also details of the shops, where the brands of the sponsors would be placed.

July 8, 2010

skeleton man

from sometime around 2002. compressed charcoal, 70x100cm, no longer in existance


Last couple of days I've been throwing out a lot of stuff I had done years ago, experimenting with drawing techniques. Most of it really belongs in the trash anyway.

Among all that were some old drawings, done in ink, years ago. So, just for the sake of my own amusement (though I feel I should be doing more 'serious' work), I made a photoshop brush trying to emulate ink/wash, or charcoal - is that blasphemy, or a legitimate shortcut?